The GreenJOBS project 4th progress meeting was held on May the 16th, 2024, at the Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute (GIG-PIB) headquarters in Plac Gwarków 1, 40-166 Katowice, Poland, to discuss progress in developing new business models for decommissioned underground coal mines. A number of technologies are under consideration, including: photovoltaics, wind energy, geothermal energy, energy storage using dense liquids, as well as solutions to increase the number of new green jobs in e-waste processing or production of the high-energy fraction of municipal waste RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

In addition to the project partners, the meeting was also attended by invited guests from Tauron Inwestycje and the Economic Society of Polish Power Plants. A panel discussion was held on good practice in the transformation of post-mining and post-electrowing areas, which was moderated by Professor Stanisław Tokarski. The exchange of experiences made it possible to assess the results of the project to date and to identify further directions for its implementation. During the discussion, the importance of social acceptance for all post-mining activities and the support of decision-makers in choosing directions for transforming mining regions was emphasised.

On the second day of the meeting, participants made a technical visit to the Bobrek mine, which together with the Aller-Barredo-Figaredo mine in Spain and the Premogovnik Velenje mine in Slovenia will test the solutions of the GreenJOBS project. The business models being developed for these three coal mines will identify the essential elements of a roadmap for any coal company or region that decides to decarbonise its operations.

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GreenJOBS Partners held the 4th progress meeting on May the 16th and the 17th, 2024, in Katowice, Poland

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