GreenJOBS is a project funded by the European Commission through the Research Fund for Coal and Steel. It focuses on repurposing end-of-life underground coal mines by deploying emerging renewable energy and circular economy technologies to promote sustainable local economic growth and maximise the number of green, quality jobs.

To achieve this goal, five competitive advantages of underground coal mines will be leveraged: (1) mine water for geothermal energy and production of green hydrogen; (2) connections to the grid that can be adapted to inject the electricity produced; (3) large waste heap areas for installing photovoltaic/wind; (4) deep infrastructure suitable for unconventional pumped hydro storage using dense fluids; and (5) fine coal waste for recycling into dense fluids, soil substitutes for restoration and rare earths.

One of the primary project outcomes will be to provide mining companies with two innovative business plans: a Virtual Power Plant where the energy produced will be sold to the grid, used to power electro-intensive industries or to develop eco-industrial parks, and a Green Hydrogen Plant where renewable hydrogen will be made by electrolysis of mine water and electricity from renewable sources. 

Our purpose now is to involve stakeholders (policy-makers, including EC; private investors; industry; academia; civil society; citizens’ associations; and trade unions/social partners) interested in the project’s results and developments by regularly informing through a biannual newsletter and via a continuous consultation process to know their ideas, concerns and proposals about the project.

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